Retransmitter eAlarm

Designed to receive events communicated by the object radio transmitters in formats LARS, LARS1, ALAR. The modular design of the retransmitter allows simultaneous connection of up to 4 receiver modules to a basic board. All received messages are retransmitted to eAlarm processing system using the UDP family protocol of Internet protocols TCP/IP for data delivery and delivery confirmation system at the application level, which, in comparison with the classical scheme of retransmitting signals, using the airwaves, has several advantages: 

much higher throughput in the channel retransmitter-console allows you to organise reliable delivery of data of all four incoming receiving data streams

Accessibility of solutions for the organisation of communication channels and retransmitter built-in ability to use backup data transmission channels provides ample opportunities for the organisation of reliable data transmission channels retransmitter-console.

The use of Internet technologies allows you not to consider the distance between the retransmitter installation point and the next receiving point of the system

Built-in features of the system eAlarm allow you to control a connection with each retransmitter of the system.

Designed for heavy-duty operating conditions in the conditions of necessity to pass large streams of data, eAlarm retransmitters allow to work without delay on streams up to 30 messages per second in case of standard Internet connection as a data transmission channel.


  • Ethernet: 10-BaseT (full-duplex), Auto-MDIX

  • TCP/IP: UDP (port is being configured), static IP addresses with a possibility to transmit data through different channels (from different IP-addresses to different servers)

  • Number of receiver modules: up to 4

  • Acceptable protocols: LARS, LARS1, ALAR

  • Number of controlled inputs for connecting an analogue signal: 2